TMS Modules


  • Easy manage people as Contacts maintaining histories, saving time for future editions
  • Improve Accounts (Companies) relationships in a CRM style to generating statistics and automated communications
  • Custom Connections (e.g. Coach-Player) to manage Player Support Teams
  • Built-in public customized Forms for Media, Ball Boys, Volunteers
  • No-credential list native integration with face recognition
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Distribution List and massive email sending with tracking
  • TMS dedicated Dashboards with enhanced statistics and charts with live data

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  • Multiple printing materials and formats: PVC Cards (XXL and Credit Card), A6 laminated paper, etc
  • Area Access Authorization for roles with graphical interface
  • Multiple designs and templates for printing
  • Supports all card printers (100% Compatibility)
  • TMS Digital Signature Platform: Digital and Electronic Signing on tablet of ATP/WTA/ITF and custom disclaimers
  • Auditing and logs of accreditation collections
  • TMS Dedicated Dashboards with live-data enhanced statistics and charts

Access Control

  • Real-Time people traffic monitoring inside the venue
  • Define areas and custom the access through gates
  • Multiple Technologies: Face Recognition, RFID Antennas, QR Code, Bar Code
  • TMS Access Control Android App on Smartphones, PDAs, Tablets or other industrial devices
  • Dashboards with enhanced statistics and charts
  • Artificial Intelligence Insights to optimize gates and areas in real-time analysis

TMS Access Control App

Point Of Sale & Restaurants

  • Unlimited shops and unlimited restaurants management.
  • Restaurants:  Manage menus, price lists, food delivery
  • Shops: Create and manage Items list and sales
  • Printed receipts
  • Multiple payment methods: multiple currencies, custom units and Vouchers, virtual currencies
  • Electronic wallet extended management
  • Flexible refill and top-up rules
  • TMS POS (Point of Sale) Android App on Smartphones, PDAs, Tablets or other industrial devices, IoT devices
  • PowerBI Live with financial data (money spent per restaurant, per day, by role etc.)
  • Artificial Intelligence Insights to optimize menus, restaurants and revenues in real-time analysis

TMS POS Restaurant App


  • Requests for Accommodation full management
  • Multiple hotels and room types, room rates
  • Full-integration with scores, results and draws (player in tournament, player lost, etc.)
  • ATP/WTA/ITF Hospitality accommodation-policies in the platform
  • Advanced Exporting features (excel, pdf) to share the bookings info with the hotels
  • Hotel dedicated user role to access TMS platform
  • Dedicated Dashboards with enhanced statistics and Charts
  • Artificial Intelligence Insights to optimize hotelsand room assignments


  • Efficient graphic scheduler to manage all transportation needs (Drivers, Cars, Passengers, transportations).
  • Transportation Requests are made directly from the Public Portal/TMS App
  • Full system  for fleet management (GPS Tracking, Models, Types, Car/Shuttle Features)
  • On-Demand and Scheduled Transportation
  • Access Control on-board for badge to view data-position on map
  • Dedicated drivers portal to manage calendars, shifts, refueling, distances, etc
  • Advanced Dashboards
  • Artificial Intelligence Insights to optimize shuttles, schedule, etc

Practice Court

  • Unlimited courts and Practice Scheduler Customization
  • Pre-populated players list based on tournament draws
  • Multiple practice court user-type: Players, Hitting Partner, Coaches
  • “Players-Looking” extended features
  • Graphic widgets for CCTV and Mobile Apps; data feeds for custom graphics
  • TMS Practice Court HTML Widget for websites with rules and policies
  • Artificial Intelligence Insights to generate rules and priorities for player training
  • Dashboards with enhanced statistics and Charts

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