Access Control

  • Easy to use and fits at any location on-site
  • REAL-TIME REPORTS, improving site safety and deploying resources dynamically
  • Fully scalable to support any size of event
  • NOT ONLY TECHNOLOGY: Accurate SITE ANALYSIS  to analyze people flows and identify scanning points and adequate technologies

External Systems Integration

TMS Access Control can be integrated with all external systems or third-party solutions as ticketing and wristband systems

Long Distance Control

  • Real time updates 
  • People who are allowed / not allowed are easily detected and graphically shown
  • Intuitive graphic and sound effects 
  • Suitable for any site 
  • Quick detection
  • No queue waiting

How it works?

  • The antenna automatically activates the chip embedded inside the badge
  • TMS RFID Software detects the data from the antenna and immediately confirms or denies people access on the screen
  • All the data are updated in real time
  • The antenna can read multiple chips at once at a reading distance of 6 -10mt
  • RFID is ideal for reducing queues 
  • Real-time updates

Short Distance Control

  • Works with any Android device
  • Easy to install and simple to use 
  • Online and offline App, no need of constant Wi-Fi
  • Validation messages and feedback on why the access is denied 
  • IN & OUT Management 
  • QR Code Scanning 

How it works?

  • QR Code  is printed directly on the physical Accreditation.
  • The QR Code is scanned by TMS Access Control App and gives back a validation message
  • Full messages on-screen will be shown to the security team
  • Real-time area and gates updates

Devices Rental

RENT COOL TMS DEVICES already configured or

DO IT YOURSELF Bring your own device, TMS support team will send a quick guide to install TMS Apps