Accreditation Design


The accreditation is the business card of the event: it’s the image that the event shares to the world: TMS design experts combine innovative graphics with enhanced visual factors to obtain the top of results in terms of quality and security.

Accreditation Design Options

Design provided by Event

The Event will design and provide graphic files to our team for printing.

Design Templates

Wide choice of pre-built templates included in the TMS platform

Custom design

TMS Design Team will work on graphic design and optimization

Accreditation pre-printing services

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Graphic Analysis and Design

    Graphic Check and Approval

  • Pre-printing

    Pre-printing and punching

    High quality Front/Back card pre-printing

    Card punching (holes or buttonhole)

    RFID Technology (optional)

  • Delivery


    Direct shipping and delivery


Accreditation Formats

TMS Platform supports unlimited Accreditation Formats and Printing.
Showed below most used dimensions and materials

XXL Card

Size: 124x88mm or 140x88mm or custom
Pre-print the Accreditation back and print on-site the front with an XXL Card Printer (Rental from us). Use the larger format to include sponsors logos and event rules.

CR80 - Credit Card

Size: 54x86mm 
Pre-print the Accreditation back and print onsite the front with a CR80 Card Printer (Rental from us). Make a hole in the card or use a card badge holder.

A6 Laminated Paper

Size: 148x105mm
Use a laser or ink- jet printer to print the Accreditation on an A4 paper, cut it in half, fold it and then laminate it.

Accreditation Printing Devices

TMS platform supports any card printer and any operating system