Add Ons

TMS is part of a broader and interconnected ecosystem consisting of additional services designed to complete the events needs.


Corporate Hospitality Management

  • Personalized experience for sponsors and companies attending event.
  • Corporate Packages (tickets, parkings, vip tickets)
  • Stand-alone tickets and VIP access 
  • Sponsor and VIP dinners, table management 
  • Multiple roles
  • Save companies’ info to improve marketing activities 


  • Integration with existing ticketing system and centralization of access control
  • Free-tickets management in public portals for special categories (Tournament Directors, VIP and Staff, etc.) 
  • Tickets requests and management
  • Automatic emails to the guests
  • Generate and download reports on assigned tickets 


  • Import the VIP Tickets/List 
  • Wristbands generation and printing 
  • RFID and QR Code system 
  • TMS Access Control Android App to scan the wristbands and check the validity 
  • Live data and reports on managed wristbands  


Virtual Media Room

  • Private website for Media
  • Press-release, documents, photos delivery
  • Recorded and Live Video
  • Recorded and Live Press Conferences 
  • Match facts, scores and statistics
  • Integration with Social Networks
  • Social Walls 

Face Recognition

  • Face Recognition technology in the cloud
  • Real Time Control about crowds in areas
  • Trigger and Alert System with notifications
  • No-credential list extension
  • Faster queues