Restaurants and Shops

TMS POS Restaurant App

  • Flexible refilling rules and additional payment methods (currency, units or vouchers)
  • Auditing of expense data in real time with unlimited report configurations
  • Menu Management
  • Receipts printing on any printer device
  • Export features

AI - Artificial Intelligence

TMS integrates Artificial intelligence background engines to optimize operations and increase event performance through a deep analysis of credit processes and refilling rules

Menu and Items Management

  • Manage Restaurants Menu or the shop items list
  • Group items in categories assigning prices
  • Manage transactions with user friendly interface

Multiple Restaurants

  • Unlimited Restaurants and/or Point of Sales
  • Printed Receipts
  • Real time data divided by restaurant, date and time slots
  • Artificial Intelligence Insights
  • IoT (Internet of Things) devices

Device options

Device Rental

  • Choose TMS IoT device
    • Handheld POS
    • Tablet
    • POS Station single-screen
    • POS Station double-screen

DIY - Do It Yourself

  • BYOD “Bring Your Own Device”
  • Install TMS POS App with TMS Quick Guides
  • Scan & Go