The Process

The TMS team are highly skilled consultants for hundreds of tennis events that analyzed and improved all the best-practices of the process and operations for events. Main services are: build dedicated and custom operational guides, workflows schemas, and functional references for organization team.

All workflows and operational activities from the events have been deeply examined and analyzed to create new, innovative and optimized action-lists.
The operational support provided on-site is joined with the live knowledge and experience of the TMS Team that will help clients to deliver professional events.

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    • INFORMATION GATHERING: collecting event’s process, needs, potential improvements and goals
    • DATA ANALYSIS: analyzing workflows and actions, identifying best-practices and designing the right strategy
    • PLAN DEFINITION:  organizing activities and organizing workshops to adopt the TMS Platform
    • TRAINING: introducing and educating teams to the TMS Software
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    During the event

    • OPERATIONAL AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT: TMS consultants could be provided to lead event team on-site or work with them remotely with a 24/7 technical helpdesk.
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    After the event

    • FULL REPORTS are provided by Business Intelligence System embedded in TMS platform, with clear and ready-to-use data in order to easily analyze and store event performances on different fields.
    • EVALUATION AND FEEDBACK are provided to improve the operational process and workflows for future editions